boiling a whole lemon and whole orange until very soft. Of the lemon, you only use the skin, very finely chopped together with the whole orange, ends trimmed and pips discarded. This pulp is drained then mixed with 185g ground almonds and set aside. Beat four eggs with 1 ¼ cups caster sugar and a pinch of salt till very pale and thick, sift ½ cup plain flour and ½ cup SR flour and 1tsp baking powder over the top, stir through the eggs and finally fold through ½ cup olive oil and the citrus-almond mixture. Bake in a lined tin at 180C for about an hour. Hazelnuts are a lovely substitute for almonds.


If you’d like to add a syrup, add 1/2 cup of caster sugar to a saucepan with a cup of orange juice and a tbsp of lemon juice and heat until the sugar dissolves.  Make lots of little pricks all over the warm cake and pour over the syrup. You could double up on the syrup and put the excess in a jug to pour over the cake and perhaps a scoop of ice cream!

But I’m keen on making those custard apple muffins!

Victoria Cosford