Like a school of fish this hard working family unit sticks together.  Each week JJ Seafood delivers the finest, freshest produce from the region straight from their boats to the markets.  

John and Julie Joblin, have 4 kids and 7 boats working out of Ballina. Their business is run and managed by their tight-knit family and a small handful of employees.  While one daughter is at the markets with Mum, the other daughter is down at the beach working with her uncle, “It doesn’t stop! This afternoon when she gets home she’ll go with her dad and check her crab trap pots.” Julie exclaims. 

They have systems in place and keep their phones close by so they can respond quickly to any alerts or updates from out at sea. 


Their industry isn’t just physically demanding, they’re also challenged by changing tides, the weather and as always with fishing – a bit of luck.  “With fishing you’ve just gotta have your hand in all the industries, because sometimes there’s nothing there. Fish is like fruit and veggies, it’s all seasonal.” 


Their main industry is Spanner Crabs, “We’re the second biggest holder in NSW, but at the moment they’re on closure – it’s their mating season. Right now it’s Snapper & Mahi Mahi season and they’re also catching School Prawns.” 


Every boat is used for a different industry to catch a different line of fish. And like their boats busy out at sea they too are busy in the kitchen “Last night the kids had whiting, John had pork chops and I had curried prawns, it’s all good!” Julie laughs.


With so much going on it’s hard to believe they still find time to all be in the same room. “We spend every afternoon together, while we’re filleting.” It nevers stops for the Joblins, they even work Christmas Day.  But it’s what they know and they love it. “It’s just family, you know, we all stick together.”