New Brighton Farmers Market goers can now enjoy traditional samosas and organic muesli bowls from new stall, Home Comfort Soul Foods.

Run by South Golden Beach couple Madhu Krishna Das and Natasha Hain, Home Comfort creates 100% vegetarian food, home-made with quality ingredients.

Madhu learnt and developed his recipes while in service at the local Hare Krishna temple, and says his samosas are more flavoursome than most, due to the techniques and ingredients used. The vegetables are raw rather than pre-boiled, the spices fresh, and the pastry made from scratch.

“It’s a labour of love and people can taste that,” Madhu said.

The business began after Madhu and Natasha had their first child and they were looking for a way to support their new family.

“I wondered ‘what am I going to do?’, then I thought, people love samosas, I can do them really well,” Madhu said.

Madhu and Natasha’s samosas come in three varieties: the vegan Holy Samosa with potato, sweet potato, sweet peas, ginger and spices; the vegan Hearty Delight, with fresh red capsicum and puy lentils with potato, sweet potato, tomato and spices; and the vegetarian Golden Pocket, a spinach and potato samosa with chunks of ghee-fried paneer and cooked with earthy fragrant spices.

All samosas can be served with a home-made tomato chutney or fresh local yoghurt from Nimbin Valley Dairy.

Madhu and Natasha will also be offering breakfast bowls with their organic home made gluten free muesli.

The muesli comes with dairy or coconut yoghurt, fresh seasonal local fruit from the market, local honey, and a choice of local dairy or non-dairy milk, including home made almond milk.

Madhu and Natasha say they are thrilled to have started at New Brighton Farmers Market, where they have been regular customers for the past three years

“It’s the cutest market in the entire shire, ” said Madhu.

• Find Home Comfort Soul Foods at the New Brighton Farmers Market every Tuesday.