We’re really excited to welcome oyster farmer Noel Baggaley for a one off visit to our market with his fresh locally grown Sydney Rock Oysters.

Noel tells us his Sydney Rock Oysters are native to the East Coast of Australia, and are known as the world’s best tasting oyster: “they have a very strong taste and a strong aftertaste.”

They also have a flavour that’s distinct to our area: “Each estuary seems to have a unique taste,” said Noel. “In the Tweed, the Brunswick and even the North Arm of the Richmond, they have a sweeter taste.”

Noel said the dry conditions this year have been ideal for oyster farming. Too much rain can lead to too much fresh water in the estuary, which can kill the oysters.

“This year’s been exceptionally good.” he said.

Noel says he never tires of eating oysters – straight from the shell is his preference, but he says they also work beautifully with a squeeze of native finger lime. If you prefer them cooked, try Noel’s version of the the classic Oysters Kilpatrick: “Take just a small amount of butter, 50 percent Worcestershire and 50 percent barbecue sauce for a sweeter flavour, put all that in the oyster, cover it with diced bacon and grill for about seven to ten minutes,” he said.