Covid 19 Update October 11th – Vaccinations and Masks are NOT required for an outdoor ‘Critical Service’.

In accordance with the terms of the Order, as at the date of this letter, the following interpretation is provided by Council for markets under licence by Council: 1. The Public Health Order provides a distinction between markets that predominately sell food and drink and markets that do not.

a) Markets that predominantly sell food and drinks being a Farmers Market:

• Meets the definition of a “critical retail premise” subclause (g) and defined in Schedule 6 of the Order to include “shops that predominantly sell food or drinks”.

• To satisfy clause 4.4 of the Order the markets will need a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place that complies with an approved safety checklist on the NSW Government website relevant to the nature of the premises (Schedule 4 captures retail premises as requiring a COVID-19 Safety Plan).

• As the markets are held outdoors, and are predominantly selling food and drink, the market would be exempt from density limits under Schedule 3 (the 1 person per 2sqm does not apply).

• Retail premises are required to have COVID-Safe check-ins, ie QR codes and alternate means to register attendance, that must be kept for 4 weeks (refer Schedule 5, and clause 5.3).

• There is no vaccination requirement for adults attending markets that meet the critical retail premise. Page 2 of 2 • Provided the markets are held outdoors, there is no requirement for face coverings to be worn.

COVID -19 Safety Plan July 2021

North Byron Farmers Market is the governing body of Mullum and New Brighton Farmers Markets. Both markets operate in an outdoor environment and are deemed an ‘Essential Service’ by the Australian government. This means the markets are permitted to trade whilst being mindful of public safety provisions. However, as a ‘Controlled Outdoor Event’ it is now mandatory to wear a mask in regional NSW. Due to the latest Public Health Act, anyone with exemptions is now required to carry their exemption at all times.

Our safety plan includes guidelines for the well-being of our staff and customers, physical distancing, mask-wearing, hygiene/cleaning, and record-keeping


In response to COVID lockdown rules only all of our tables and chairs have been removed, the children’s area has been closed and workshops cancelled.

The coffee and food stalls will remain open for takeaway only and we are asking our customers to shop and go.

Only one person per household to shop so that we can keep the numbers down.

The cup washing station will remain closed

Where possible stalls have been spread out, with some of the largest ones completely relocated to low traffic areas. Barriers, signage and markers have been put in place in order to guide and maintain social distancing.

Hand washing and sanitizing stations have been set up at the entrance, as well as in the middle of the market. There are instructions on the most effective way to wash and sanitize your hands.

Policy and procedures have been sent to all stallholders. These include instructions for good hygiene practices, the wellbeing of their customers/staff and how to set up their stalls to implement and maintain social distancing in their stalls.

Covid-19 symptoms include (but are not limited to) fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath. Covid-19 most often begins with a temperature of 37.3 degrees centigrade (99 F) or more and is contagious from the first sign of illness.

If there is any reason to believe that a stallholder or a visitor to the site may be exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms, or have recently visited a Covid hot spot, they will

be asked to withdraw to a location away from interaction with others and will be requested to leave the market site.

Physical distancing

Signage on large corflute and A3 laminated signs include messages such as ‘No Bunching, Social distancing 1.5m, Shop and Go, Takeaway food only and Touch it you take it.’ Mask wearing signs are in place

Spray paint, sports cones, bollards, flags, and tape are used to formulate barriers with

1.5m guidelines. Where possible stalls have entrance and exit points.

50% of tables and chairs will remain as they aid in social distancing.

Mask wearing

Mask wearing is now mandatory in outside organised events in regional NSW. We request all stallholders and customers to wear masks. Due to the most recent Public Health Order, all mask exemptions are required to carry documentation at all times.

It is therefore our Covid policy that all members and their staff wear masks or display an exemption clearly on their stall.

Hygiene and cleaning

Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the easiest and most effective forms

of controlling the spread of viruses.

Customer Handwashing stations/Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer stations and handwashing stations are at the entrances and middle of the markets. Each station has water, anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, paper hand towels, a bin and a bucket to collect the wastewater. There are also handwashing facilities in the toilet block with both antibacterial and sanitizing facilities


Posters and signs identifying hand sanitizer stations and ways to help stop the spread of viruses are displayed throughout the marketplace.

Sanitizing surfaces

All sanitizing stations, toilets and any other public surfaces within the market are sanitized on an hourly basis

Record Keeping

We have both QR codes and or record-keeping books at all our sanitise stations and main entrances. We will have staff to aid with the registration.


Effective Hygiene Practices

The Australian Government Department of Health offers the following


Practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence against

most viruses. You should: wash your hands frequently with soap and water

(for at least 20 seconds), before and after eating, and after going to the toilet;

cover your cough and sneeze; dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based

hand sanitizer.

Stallholder/Hand Washing/Hand Sanitizer

All stallholders are required to have clean handwashing facilities, such as soap and a 20-litre container of water along with a bucket to collect wastewater. The wastewater needs to be appropriately disposed of at home, not disposed onto market grounds.


There must be hand sanitizer on every stall (minimum of 70% alcohol for it to be effective) for both staff and customers to use. You are required to wash your hands regularly.


Containers such as the stainless-steel bowls used by customers to collect fruit and vegetables for weighing should be sanitized after each use. Bringing extra bowls and using them on rotation will help to manage this process.

Food handling

There will be no food sampling until further notice.

Table surfaces

All table surfaces need to be covered in non-absorbent easily cleaned materials. That is, not hessian or fabric materials that are absorbent and hard to clean and sanitize. Vinyl or plastic can be used over existing material

tablecloths or simply use an alternative. All surfaces should be cleaned and

sanitized after each market (and during if possible).

Guidelines/record keeping/QR Codes

There are corflute signs and A4 signs with QR codes throughout the market. There is a book at each entrance with the request people leave their contact details if they have not downloaded the COVID app or QR code

Mask Wearing

All stallholders and customers are now required to wear a mask