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Rainforest Farmer

Rainforest Foods produces quality gourmet products from the native plants of the lush Australian rainforest.

We specialise in premium quality products made from the Macadamia Nuts grown on our native food farm. We also provide an enticing selection of handmade Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Sauce made from the Byron Bay rainforest.

Produce: Macadamias and value added macadamia products-nunshelled and shelled roasted and raw nuts, macadamia paste, honey roasted macadamias, chocolate-coated macadamias, macadamia oil (bottled, bulk and infused e.g lemon myrtle). Bush food products- davidson plum jam & sauce, lemon myrtle infused honey, native lime marmalades, riberry jam & other bush tucker jams, bush tucker based muesli, davidson plum paste and macadamia nut ice cream


Business Name: Rainforest Foods
Owners: Anthony Hotson
Phone: 02 6680 8199 / 0416 285 558
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.rainforestfoods.com.au
Located: Po Box 281 Alstonville NSW, 2477

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