Peace, Love & Crepes

Peace, Love & Crepes’ sweet and savoury crepes are made from activated buckwheat kernels, which means they are totally gluten-free and good for your guts.

Cécile uses fresh ingredients from local farmers and stallholders, buying local and organic or spray free. Customers can enjoy fresh, healthy, affordable organic food knowing that they are supporting the local economy. Cécile’s wonderful crêpes are freshly-made using husked buckwheat soaked overnight in water to initiate a process that breaks down the various toxic enzymes that help create her robust gluten-free crêpes, thus can also be totally vegan. Savory crêpes can be stuffed with eggs, cheese, ham, leafy greens, more veggies, and homemade pesto.

Toppings for sweet ones include local honey, lemon with butter and sugar, berry jam, vegan or not chocolate banana or Cécile’s delicious home-made salted butter caramel sauce


Business Name:  Peace Love & Crepes
Owners:  Cecile Charue
Phone: 0434156117
Email: [email protected]
Located: Mullumbimby