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Marlivale Farm

Frank, Andrea, Mac and Sophie, two of five generations of farmers living and working from the Marlivale homestead on Widjabul Wia-bal country.

Formerly known as Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice, they’ve transformed what was once a dairy farm into an expanse of pecan orchards and stretches of dryland rice fields. Restoring a biologically rich landscape with a soil-first approach, they’ve been proudly feeding the community seasonally grown premium pecans and dryland rice since Frank & Andrea’s take over in 1988.

Produce: Dryland Brown Rice (Medium grain & Long grain jasmine), Pecan Spread, Rice Cakes, Pecan Kernel, Dry Roasted Pecan Kernel, Rice Crumbs


Business Name: Marlivale Farm
Owners: Frank, Andrea, Mac & Sophie
Email: [email protected]

Located: Goolmangar, NSW, 2480

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