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Project Description

Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice

The Boyle’s rice is grown using biological farming methods that are kind to the soil. It’s also insecticide free, and not fumigated, as imported rice is.

More than a decade since they planted their first crop, Frank and Andrea’s rice remains a sought-after staple at the markets, – so much so that they have recently expanded to include two more markets a week, and now have stalls at New Brighton and Mullumbimby Farmers Markets.

Produce: Brown Rice – dryland from Nimbin, Pecans, Pecan Muesli (available in regular, wheat free and gluten free), Rice cakes, Rice crumbs, Pecan spread


Business Name: Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice
Owners: Frank and Andrea Boyle
Phone: 00405 321 295
Email: [email protected]
Website: Find them on Facebook
Located: Boyle Rd, Goolmagar, NSW, 2480

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