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Coopers Shoot Tomatoes

The Coopers Shoot Tomatoes stall is always bursting with bright red glossy tomatoes that taste just as good as they look.

Heather says allowing her tomatoes to ripen on the vine is the secret to the flavour. Tomatoes you’ll find in the supermarket are often picked green, and then gassed to set off the ripening process. This results in a poorer taste and mealy texture.

Mass produced tomatoes are also stored in coolrooms, which diminishes their flavour. Heather says tomatoes should never go into the fridge. The Coopers Shoot property has been in the Armstrong family since 1882, nestled in the hills between Byron Bay and Bangalow in northern New South Wales, Australia.

Produce: Tomatoes (Dried) , Sauce (Tomato), Capsicumn, Cucumber (Chinese), Cucumber (Lebanese), Eggplant (Black), Silverbeet, Tomatoes


Business Name:  Coopers Shoot Tomatoes
Owners:  Heather & Hugh Armstrong
Phone: 02 6687 2631
Email: [email protected]
Website: Find them on Facebook
Located: 298/300 Coopers Shoot Rd Coopers Shoot via Bangalow Bangalow NSW, 2479

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