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Church Farm

The Church Farm is located in the small town of Billinudgel in Northern, NSW. They make all of  their products by hand, with produce that they grow in the frontyard or source from their local farmer buddys.

Church Farm General Store was co-founded back in 2013 by Andrew Morris and Amanda Callan. While living in an old timber church in Billinudgel with their four boys Banjo, Percy, Reggie & Herb. Owner Andrew and Amanda don’t compromise on ingredients and they don’t outsource any of their production and instead have a team of good humans putting good vibes into everything they make. They are super passionate about growing food, making products from scratch and by hand (without any fake stuff) and most importantly supporting local farmers.

Produce: Billinudgel Smoked Hot Sauce, Billinudgel Brown Sauce, Thai style curry pastes, Handmade Soaps, Vegetables preserved in jars with brine


Business Name: Church Farm
Owners:  Andrew Morris & Amanda Callan
Email: [email protected]
Located: Billinudgel/The Pocket

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