Byron Bay Miso

Elvina’s miso is 100 percent organic, unpasteurised and made in the slow traditional way. Miso is a fermented food, rich in probiotics, which help digestion. It also contains complex B vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals and is high in antioxidants.

She explains that many of the commercially available miso pastes that are mass produced go through a fast tracked version of the fermentation, with things like alcohol, MSG and preservatives added. If it’s not kept in a fridge then it’s very likely it’s been pasteurised and therefore losing all the health benefits as well as flavour.

And while most of us think soup when we hear the word miso, Elvina says it is extremely versatile: its savoury flavour works perfectly in a salad dressing as well as in dips, as a marinade or on toast with avocado and egg (think of it as a Japanese version of vegemite).


Business Name:  Byron Bay Miso
Owners:  Elvina & Doug Munir
Phone: 0042 221 607
Email: [email protected]
Website: Find them on Facebook
Located: Byron Shire

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