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Brunswick Seed Oysters

Noel Baggaley has been farming oysters for 35 years. He provides the market with fresh and full-flavoured Sydney Rock Oysters, grown locally in the Brunswick River.

Produce: Seafood (Oysters) Oysters are full of flavour and nutrition. They are high in essential Omega-3 oils, zinc and iron and vitamins A, B and C, and low in cholesterol. Oysters can be sold opened or unopened. Noel says an easy way to open them is to put them in the microwave for four seconds, which loosens the muscle and allows easy opening. Alternatively, briefly pop them on the BBQ.


Business Name:  Brunswick Seed Oysters
Owners:  Noel Baggaley
Phone: 0414 212 638
Located: 90 Corkwood Crescent Suffolk Park NSW, 2481

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