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Bangalow Coffee

We have a 7500 tree coffee plantation at Nashua near Bangalow. Our coffee is hand and machine harvested, sundried and free of pesticide and fungicides.

Our farm is located at Nashua, about 10 kilometres southwest of Bangalow in the lush hinterland of Byron Bay. We established our plantation in 1998 and started harvesting coffee in 2001.The rich volcanic soil of the region, temperate climate and rainfall produces a unique coffee.

The slower ripening produces naturally sweeter beans which are harvested through late winter and spring. Our coffee is naturally lower in caffeine but high in flavour with a rich body. Bronze medal winner in the 2007 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Produce: Coffee (Beans), Coffee (Ground), Coffee (By the Cup), Tea (By the Cup), Hot Chocolate (by the cup), Lychees


Business Name:  Bangalow Coffee
Owners:  Michelle & Andy Clarke
Phone: 02 6629 1679
Email: [email protected]
Website: Find them on Facebook
Located: Nashua, NSW

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