It’s their fifth year of offering porridge at the farmers’ markets – and I can understand how Bronwyn and Andrew have what the former modestly describes as a ‘good following’. I watch as she artfully prepares bowls for a customer who’s requested ‘two porridges with the lot’: first the oaty base, then the drool of creamy tahini, a ladleful of glossy berries, the perfectly fanned-out slices of pear, tumble of crunchy pecans and a final slick of maple syrup. Yum!
Other World is their business name and they’ve also long been a source of glorious fruit juices and smoothies and, in summer, chia seed puddings. Indeed, their output is determined by seasonality and all their ingredients are locally sourced and certified organic where possible. Plant-based too means they are a haven for the ever-growing swell of vegans.
I ask Bronwyn if there’s a secret to their porridge and she smiles mysteriously, before conceding that it’s a blend of organic oats, chia, quinoa and coconut sugar. ‘Our winter staple,’ she says, ‘is the porridge. First thing on a chilly morning it works really well.’ She goes on to say that she and Andrew are ‘passionate about healthy and wholesome food, that’s good in the belly, delicious food that we love!’ – not to mention, supporting the local farmers.
Primarily a juice/smoothie business, theirs underwent a change about ten months ago when they started at the Mullum farmers’ market. ‘We branched out of our usual mould,’ says Bronwyn, ‘and moved into a more savoury menu.’ Hence their Veggie Bowls, which change seasonally: a bed of quinoa, kale salad, fresh avocado or salsa, salad or greens, a vegetable fritter, their own tomato chutney and cashew cheese dressing over the top.
I ask Bronwyn for a porridge tip. ‘Add a little salt!’ she replies. ‘It brings out the flavour!’
Other World is at New Brighton on Tuesdays from 8 – 11am and at Mullumbimby on Fridays from 7 – 11am
Victoria Cosford