Over the coming months, it’s all about entertaining, summer days and outdoor living – and
those big Olive Pots you see at the Grumpy Grandma’s stall are ideal. Fat manzanillas,
mixed, wood-smoked, green, these hinterland-harvested olives need only to be tumbled out
on to a platter. Want something a little different? If you haven’t done so already, try the
semi-dried olives, which are offered in an assortment of spicy herby flavourings: Thai,
Moroccan, Tuscan – and soon to come, Tim Stone tells me, Aussie Bush Flavours.
That’s the first bit of news he has for me as we stand chatting. The second is even more
exciting. ‘We’ve been listening to our customers’, Tim says, ‘and for the last couple of
months have been getting ready to move into glass.’ Gone, then, will be most of their
plastic, although they will retain some takeaway containers for their bulk olives. As it is, Tim
says, most of his customers re-use these containers anyway. Both these events – the new
dried olives; the glass – will happen soon.
Of course the next stage of the olives is the actual oil, and it’s wonderful to see customers
arrive with containers for the glorious cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil Tim sells in bulk.
Given the monstrous cost of olive oil in supermarkets, it makes perfect sense to shop
instead at his stall, where it’s $18 a litre, and local.
Aside from the regular EV olive oil, there’s a chilli-infused one, a wood-smoked one and a
lemon myrtle. The latter, we agree, is wonderful in a salad dressing, and already I’m
planning to drizzle it over briskly blanched asparagus – or blending it with lemon juice,
chopped garlic, ground cumin and a pinch of paprika and pouring it over a salad of Cooper’s
Shoot tomatoes and cucumbers.

Grumpy Grandma’s Olives are at New Brighton every Tuesday from 8 – 11am and at
Mullumbimby every Friday from 7 – 11am

Victoria Cosford