There’s nothing like being reminded of the abundance of healthy choices you can make when the hunger pains kick in.  Instead of reaching for the junk food displayed at the counter, make a more nutritious and delicious choice.

You can find these vibrant coloured dips, which taste as good as they look, at Spice Palace. These are just a small selection of their range, which changes throughout the seasons.The ingredients are freshly harvested out of their kitchen garden or purchased from local farmers. All their products are freshly handmade each week, and so there is no need for nasty preservatives.  All their dips and spreads are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

These are just a tiny sample of the products Spice Palace have on their stall. In addition to their dips,  they have tapenades, harissa pastes and pestos, freshly made dukkha, spice blends and pecans.